Don’t believe what you see.

Some days, I am very much active on social media. I upload statuses of whatever I am doing, I keep sharing pictures on WhatsApp and Instagram, I want to keep writing on Facebook and Twitter. And on those days, people who see my statutes must be thinking that my life would be so happening and... Continue Reading →

Reminder for Women’s Day

March has started, and soon debates about feminism, women's rights, equality, and independence of women will be all over the internet. Women will raise their voices about their rights. Men will try to shut them up. Debates will go on for the whole month. Memes will be made. 'Feminism' word will be abused by both... Continue Reading →

Depression Diaries (2)

A person who may look like the happiest person on earth and the most blessed one can be feeling the loneliest. A person who always looks cheerful might be fighting so many battles in his head and lives.Depression has different phases and everyone has a different way of dealing with it. Normally we think, a... Continue Reading →

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