Depression Diaries (2)

A person who may look like the happiest person on earth and the most blessed one can be actually feeling the most loneliest. A person who always looks cheerful might be fighting so many battles in his head and lives . Depression has different phases and every one has a different way of dealing with... Continue Reading →


Mother hood isn't same for everyone. I see women excited since the moment they see red colored double lines appearing on pregnancy strip. For them , I guess mother hood starts right away , for some of them. When I saw those two lines , I felt anxious , I felt okay . But excited... Continue Reading →

I appreciate you.

To the one who's trying hard to make everyone around happy , who's preferring others wishes over their own , who's tired of fulfilling duties but still doing everything just to make sure that everyone around stay happy.. I wanna say something to you . Listen !I appreciate your efforts because no one else ever... Continue Reading →

Be your own admirer

Be your own critique but the biggest admirer too. You don't need to seek approval from others , don't do anything to listen few admiring words from your surrounding people. But try to be the one you can admire yourself. So , I want to share few things that I absolutely love about myself. ... Continue Reading →

Five Feet Apart; Book review.

"Human touch. Our first form of communication. Safety,security ,comfort ,all in the gentle caress of a finger,or the brush of lips on a soft cheek. We need that touch from the one we love, almost as much as we need air to breathe. I never understood the importance of touch ,his touch... Until I couldn't have it." .

Women’s Day !

I want to say something…. ❤To you ,who wants to study but your family wants to quit your studies and get married instead… ❤ To you , who wants to get married to your love ,but your family has cast issues .. ❤ To you , who wants to do hijaab , but your friends... Continue Reading →

Don’t Move on.

Losing someone , you've loved so hard is like almost losing your life . Everyone would ask you to move on and don't be grieved but only you and your heart knows that moving on is the hardest option . You can't ever really move on and start living the life , you used to.... Continue Reading →

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