An Open Letter To My Younger Self!

You are the best honey,never let anybody convince you otherwise!

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Damn Depression

Dealing with depression is a nightmare. No two ways about it. But, do you know what's even harder to deal with?

Setting Boundaries Liberates you.

Trust, love, and respect are equally important in a relationship in no particular order. Yet, there is one thing more significant of all these elements.

Book Review: The Sky We Own

bookreview As much as I want to talk about the book, I have to talk about the author first. Haleema Malik, a thirteen years old author who surely knows how to keep the readers hooked and play with words sent me seven chapters of her E-book to review. I had read amazing reviews even before... Continue Reading →

Explore Your Strengths

Dear Girls,Once I was you. Lost and unguided. Fragile and vulnerable. Insecure and dependent. I couldn’t come out of my shell of fears and insecurities. Because, I had to seek approval and admiration from others. I felt like a bird without wings, caged in the name of love and honor. I couldn’t sing the songs... Continue Reading →

Living in Fear

I can not imagine is the mental state of those innocent traumatized kids who don't even know the meaning of death.

I can’t imagine

And being a person, who has been living in fear of losing my loved ones since forever, I can imagine the pain, our Palestinian brothers and sisters are going through. I can hear the thumping heartbeats of awaking mothers who can't sleep because they are not certain of spending another day with their kids. I... Continue Reading →

Don’t believe what you see.

Some days, I am very much active on social media. I upload statuses of whatever I am doing, I keep sharing pictures on WhatsApp and Instagram, I want to keep writing on Facebook and Twitter. And on those days, people who see my statutes must be thinking that my life would be so happening and... Continue Reading →

Reminder for Women’s Day

March has started, and soon debates about feminism, women's rights, equality, and independence of women will be all over the internet. Women will raise their voices about their rights. Men will try to shut them up. Debates will go on for the whole month. Memes will be made. 'Feminism' word will be abused by both... Continue Reading →

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